New Science Pack for Upper Grades

Last year I taught grade 6 for the first time. Loved the grade, hated a good chunk of the curriculum..... especially Science and Social Studies.

I am trying my best to put some of the ideas and activities that I did last year into packages to help other teachers out. I find the curriculum very scattered and I have been trying to tie it all together. Nevertheless, another Science Pack has been completed and is on sale until the weekend.

"Understanding Life Systems *Biodiversity*” package is specifically linked to the Ontario Science Curriculum. It is a great pack to use if you are teaching a straight or combined class. 

What’s inside this pack?

83 page pack....

*All activities and lesson come with attached Learning Goals*

-Memory Game- Introduction Activity to Biodiversity
-Biodiversity Video with chart activity
-Bio-Dash Vocabulary Game (Activating Prior Knowledge)
-Vocabulary sheets for notebooks (key terms)
-Awareness Poster shared discussion/discussion cards
-Awareness Poster Assignment with marking rubric
-Analyzing News Broadcast – Biodiversity
-News Articles with Analysis Sheets
- News Broadcast Assignment with Marking Rubric
-Class Debate – Human Effects on Biodiversity & anecdotal note marking sheet
-5 Kingdom Info Sheet & Study Card Activity
-5 Kingdom Definition Sheet
-5 Kingdom Diorama Assignment with Example Pictures & Marking Checklist, for Diorama. Diorama Presentation checklist & audience viewing questions/sheet
-Biodiversity Quiz
- Vertebrates & Invertebrates video & viewing guide for students
-Plant Kingdom- Independent Research & video
-Life Systems Group Song Assignment with Marking Sheet
-Species Diversity – Video Remake Assignment with Rubric
-Crop Diversity Website Navigation Activity & Teacher Guide
-Invasive Species Info & Newspaper Assignment with templates and marking rubric.

Some assignments involve the use of technology.

 Have a great Wednesday!