Reflecting on the Past Year-- My Return to Work

So, it's almost been a year since I gave birth to my sweet baby girl. Many people said to me "Enjoy"...."Time Flies"....."You won't get this time back"...... Oh boy. Were they ever right. 

Was every day sunshine, butterflies and rainbows--- heck no. Ha! Let me tell ya, there were some days where I would find myself looking at the clock, waiting for my husband to come home to give me a break. Or days where I thought "Ok, I'm ready to go back to work". Or days when I was plagued by mommy guilt! But let me tell you, I would NEVER trade this past year for anything in the entire world. To watch my baby girl grow, change, see and experience things for the first time, was and is, truly a blessing. I feel like, I too, am looking at the world through new eyes. I never knew a love so instantaneous and forgiving, existed. Sounds so cliche, but it is true---I am forever changed.

So, in a few weeks, it's back to work I go. Am I ready? Hmm... not sure I will ever be. But I have learned throughout this year, that change is inevitable and is a part of life. Every stage (as my own mum reminds me) is a gift. Every stage brings something new. Some stages are harder than others, but they are all worth venturing through with love, grace & patience.

The past year has not only helped shape me into a mother, but I know will help me become a stronger teacher. 

Let the adventure continue!

Have a great week :)