A sucker for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Yes, I am one of those teacher's that love Valentine's Day in Primary. What a great opportunity for the students to practice printing, reading and model some great social skills in the classroom. When you're teaching the primary grades, you can not go wrong with celebrating Valentine's Day, as long as you follow these simple rules:

Rule #1 All must participate (I have the students that can't or don't want to buy Valentine's, make them in class.)

Rule #2 The students have to give a Valentine to each student in the class, no exceptions. 

Rule #3 The students must hand print the first name of each student on the Valentine.

Rule #4 The students must sign their name on each Valentine. 

Rule #5 The students must read the names and pass out their Valentines.

This year I fell in love with this easy creative Valentine on Pinterest for the students to make for someone special at home. 

Here is our Valentine's Day package with some great activities you can enjoy with your students!
***bonus mailbox craft included

Here is our Physical Education Package with HEART Pumping Activities

Enjoy our Freebie

Happy Valentine's Day from K and C