End of the Year Teacher Sale--2016

It's that time again. As we prepare to close out the 2015/16 school year, stock up on some last minute goodies to use in the classroom. Use the code CELEBRATE to save!

Here are a few of my end-of-the- year faves! 
Click the cover of each below to take you to the store to shop :)

MY TRANSITION BOOK: This is a transition book that can be filled out by students (with needs), and can be shared with next years teacher. 

END OF THE YEAR AMAZING REVIEW: This pack is set up similar to the TV Show Amazing Race. Students are in teams, and each day are given task cards to move along in the race! See my blog post about this HERE

WRITING PORTFOLIOS & MY YEAR AT SCHOOL PORTFOLIO: Do the students have a place to store their work from throughout the year? As students riffle through their notebooks, have them choose pieces to put into a portfolio. This is a great end of the year keepsake for your kiddos!