*NEW* - French Immersion Resources

So.......I have received quite a few requests to create French Immersion resources, through the TPT forum. I have replied numerous times with "I am so sorry. The resources are only available in English"...... UNTIL NOW!

I am uber excited to team up with my colleague and friend, Natalie, to turn some of my teaching creations in French Immersion resources. 

Natalie currently has a French Immersion store on TPT (you can find it HERE), so we made it simple and posted our first F.I. Package together in her store (HERE). Eventually we would love to create a French Immersion shop, so that it is easy to find our joined resources. 

This pack has been updated and revamped! 

“Mon dossier de lundi à lundi” will help keep track of your students words of the week, reading log, important notes and information, as well hold reading strategy cards and tips for parents/guardians. This package is great because you are not checking on things DAILY. 

In this package, you will find the French version as well as the English version and may use the languages you choose most suitable for each activity.. All sheets also appear in black and white and coloured, versions.  Sheets also come in American and Canadian spellings. 

What's inside:?

*”Mon dossier de lundi à lundi” Folder Covers

(colored & black and white)
*Mon journal de lecture/Reading Log
(colored & black and white)
*”Mon dossier de lundi à lundi”
Explanation note for Parents
*Cartes de stratégies de lecture/Reading Strategy cards
(Print, Folder/Cut, Laminate)
*Conseils de lecture/Reading Tips Sheet
*Questionnaire d’élève/Student Questionnaire
(Great for the beginning of the year)
*Questionnaire de parents/Parent Questionnaire
(Great for the beginning of the year.)
*”Mots de la semaine”/Words of the Week
Explanation/Note home
*”Mots de la semaine”/Words of the Week templates
*“Les nouvelles du mois”
2 newsletter templates

Thanks for taking a look!

Wishing you a great week ahead!