Halloween- Last Minute Ideas!

Ok, so tomorrow is Halloween. It's a nutty day and unfortunately has landed itself on a Monday. Meaning, cuckoo children Monday and Zombies on Tuesday, followed by candy high and lows for the rest of the week. 


But tomorrow is the focus. And if you haven't already completed your planning, here are a few ideas to add to your day.

For The Littles.....

Christine and I created this a few years back. And the kids LOVED it! Seriously were so excited. In our province, we had a "preposition of place" curriculum expectation, so this played very well into that :)

Grab a FREE copy of it HERE.

This year, I am also doing a scavenger hunt with my kiddos. I teach a phonics program, daily, so here are some skeleton pieces I picked up at Target a few years ago. 
Each student will need to find a bone. Behind each bone is a letter/sound. In order to pass inspection, the students must tell me the sound the letters makes and a 1-2 words that begin with that sound. Then they are to bring their bone over to the graveyard, to put the skeleton back together. 

There are two sets of bones, so I may even separate the class into two groups.

Brain Break, needed?

For Upper Grades....

How about this writing idea!? 

 Free Story Writing Templates HERE
Step by Step instructions, too! Love this!

Pumpkin Word Parts for some quick word study fun!
Click HERE for the freebie.

Opinion Writing Prompts
Click HERE for a few freebies :)

Whatever you choose to do, make it fun :)
These are the days kids remember.

Happy Halloween!