It's been a while--Phonics Games & Smartboard Activities!

I think I have started a blogging about 25 times in the past few months. I have tons of "mini-blog posts" on the go, and a handful of curriculum supplement packs started, as well. 

But I need a swift kick in the butt. 

So here we go.

So what's new on my end?

I am still teaching 1/2 time. Not in love with my position of LSST (Learning Support Services Teacher), but I am a loving being home with my daughter 1/2 of the day. I am less stressed and "busy". I find myself a lot more present as a wife and mother because I am not in "school mode" ALL THE TIME (which I feel like I was in the past).

Every day I teach a phonics based program to JK/SK's and provide remedial support (grade 6 math). It's a good mix.

So my goal is to post a few of the activities I have been doing with my kiddos. Maybe to spark inspiration or to peruse at your leisure or to ignore LOL.

Here are some additional phonics games and Smart Board Lesson I have loved to use:

All of these games can be found for free on "Smart Exchange". 

This first SMART activity I use as a competition. Each team needs to read the sight words (using the strategies we have learned in class) and bring it to the space ship that it belongs to (middle sound). 

In this activity, students need to pop their coloured jewels as fast as they can, saying the sound each letter makes before it pops! This helps students with their letter-sound fluency.

Students need to press the correct digraph button as soon as the picture comes onto the screen. 

This activity uses the magic eraser. Students need to erase pictures that match the beginning or ending sound, indicated. 

This game I use as a review of sounds and words. It is a white plastic table cloth from the Dollar Store. I used black marker to write letters and the sight words we have been working on. Each side has the same letters and words. I break the class into teams and the team that swats or stomps on the word first, receives a point for their team. 

This idea can be used whenever, but I used it right before Easter weekend. I put letters, words and clues in each of the eggs and hid them around the room. The students again were in teams. I would call one member of each team at a time. They had to find an egg and crack it to pull out the clue. If they answer the clue, they received a point for their team. 

As for some resources on the go..... I am trying my best to get them done in the next 2 weeks. 
I am currently working on a grade 6 (Ontario) pack for Heritage & Identity: Communities in Canada. The curriculum for this is as painful as it comes, and encompasses a smorgasbord of ideas, so it's been a doozey to work on. Stay tuned. 

The other grade 6 Social Studies pack is already up in our store, if you're interested. 

Alright, that's all for tonight. 
It won't be months and months until I blog again! HA!

Thank you to those who do read these:)