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ABOUT US......

What's in a Name?

We met each other and became very close friends when we were put into grade 3 together.
We had classrooms across the hall from one another.
We quickly realized how similar our teaching styles were...... Always trying to make lessons memorable and fun for the kids.
We had a blast working together..... and created our own blog K&C Love Grade 3 to share our journey and ideas with other teachers. We follow so many great teachers and blogs, so we decided to give back and share a little teaching love too!

Here's a few questions and answers about Us:

What are your hobbies? Kaitlin- coaching, reading, working out and going out for dinner and drinks with my awesome friends and incredible husband (drinking wine, playing scrabble, watching movies and eating popcorn).
Christine's- baking, cooking, making fun lesson plans and crafts.

We both love going into the school on the weekend, setting up our classrooms and lessons to wow the students the following week. A lot of people say we're crazy and ask us why we do this (saying you don't get paid for that), but we love it and enjoy it. Our goal is to always gear the kids up for an exciting week of learning. Sounds cheesy, but we love what we do. It was a gift teaching together for a year. We hope to teach together again one day :) Until then, we continue to help each other out and brainstorm unique ideas that we could use in the classroom.

What advice would you give to a first year teacher? Don't try to do everything in your first year! Add a new idea every few months or once a year-- and do it well. Be creative- Yes, we all have a curriculum, but kids need to have fun while learning. Share your ideas and thank others for theirs.
Teaching is a team effort. Not a competition.
And stay positive. Negative energy isn't a fun environment to be in.

Do you have a teachers pay teachers store?  YES :)
Check us out HERE
 When did you know you wanted to be a teacher? Kaitlin- When I was in Kindergarten. I played school and church with my sister all the time! Not until University, did I think about it a lot more seriously. Best-decision-ever. Love my job!

Christine- I was in Kindergarten and fell in love with the teacher and the classroom and began playing school at home. Since then, I have never dreamed of being anything else. Still can't believe how lucky I am to be in a job that feels like a hobby!

What TV series do you like? Kaitlin-Top Chef, Project Runway & Biggest Loser.
Anything on HGTV!
Dancing with the Stars & So You Think You Can Dance
I Love anything with dancing! :) Makes me happy!

Christine- Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Tudors. Also, Anna and Christina's cooking show, where the test out different cookbooks.

 What do you do for fun on the weekends? A perfect weekend for the both of us is relaxing with family (for a movie night and making homemade pizza)/going out for dinner-- or having friends over for dinner and drinks.

Why did you decide to start a blog? We were spending a lot of time planning and creating ideas--we decided that since we were following other teachers, we should also share our ideas too. Maybe it will inspire one teacher or many. It helps us stay focused and organized.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)


  1. Love the blog!! Found many ideas for English Language Learners.

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    happy teaching!



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